"Condensation cube"



Concept, artistic implementation: Vassilis Vlastaras

January 25 - March 31, 2018

Curators: Charis Kanellopoulou, Kostis Stafylakis

The exhibition is organised with support from the ΝΕΟΝ Organisation for Culture & Development.


On Thursday 25 January 2018 the Contemporary Greek Art Institute opens the exhibition Condensation Cube, an artistic concept and practice by visual artist Vassilis Vlastaras.

Condensation Cube is the outcome of ten years of internet news items and commentary collected by Vassilis Vlastaras. Presented initially in the site www.condensationcube.com, this material provides a topography of the political, economic, social and cultural reality in Greece. It condenses the socio-political reflexes of a country in crisis, the changes in public discourse and the new ethos in culture and communication.

The accumulation of entries began in the summer of 2007, during a period of extensive forest fires, and continues to this day, covering the time of growth for blogs, youtube and facebook. Social conflict, the prevailing interpretations of the crisis, the social power of digital commentary, the emotionally charged reproduction of political news and the intense interaction among the commentators are some of the axes on which this archive is built.

The archive is now presented on the premises of ISET, acquiring a temporary spatial dimension. The presentation is complemented by a publication which proposes an alternative structuring of the material together with texts by various authors. The presence of the archive at ISET will trigger a weekly programme of lectures and discussions with artists, researchers and prominent figures of public life in recent years.